For Dentists

Our purpose

SOLA Laser Academy provides a certified postgraduate educational programme for dentists and oral/maxillofacial surgeons.


Laser users will be trained in a 3 step-Module course in all fields of laser dentistry.


It is SOLA's target to offer a funded education, based on the Golden Standards in Laser dentistry, getting the interested colleagues acquainted to the latest research findings and trends in this most innovative field of dentistry.


The curriculum of SOLA was created in co-operation with the National Laser societies affiliated to SOLA, numerous European Universities, experienced practitioners and sustaining manufacturers.


International speakers will give lectures on their special field. Theoretical education is combined with hands-on training as well as supervised clinical experience for the participants.


Helping to spread the knowledge about lasers further throughout Europe.


Publications on SOLA - International Society of Oral Laser Applications


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