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The laser, as a modern treatment device is an integral part of the today's dental practices. Its application allows new treatment methods and is a useful complementary to the existing therapies.

You have probably heard of laser dentistry in the media. But what is laser dentistry exactly? And how can you benefit from this technology as a patient?

There are different types of laser at different wavelengths.

However not all dental lasers are able to be used optimally for any type of tissue. Each wavelength has his specific applications in laser dentistry. Therefore there is no laser which your dentist can cover all areas.

The laser in dentistry is widely used in the fields of endodontics (root canal treatment / bacterial reduction), Periodontics (disease of the gums /bacteria reduction) surgery, hard tissue preparation (restorative treatment) and bleaching.

A detailed preliminary consultation with your dentist is mandatory in order for you to be enlightened on the respective treatment.

Generally, nearly most of all dental treatments can be performed with a laser or a conventional therapy which may be supplemented by a laser use.

For example the hard tissue preparation is often referred as “drilling with light” and thus the infamous drill can be dispensed. The treatment may take a little longer than with the conventional drilling but working “without contact”, i.e. the patient feels no pressure and no vibration and also the frightening sound of the drill falls away. In most cases may forego anaesthesia. The laser can be performed very accurately, so that for example at a caries treatment more healthy tooth structure can be obtained.

Please consult your dentist about the possibility of laser treatment.



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